Our Conservation Approach

We strive to bring awareness and sound conservation practice to the plight of lesser known and endangered animals globally.

Our aim is to increase awareness of the conservation tool that is legislation and constantly seek ways of improving and upholding the laws that protect fauna and flora. We have an expansive view of conservation and preservation of all species and therefore ardently campaign the cause of animal rights and welfare worldwide.

Since 1994 we have successfully operated a rescue, rehabilitation and release program throughout Zimbabwe. We design and implement standards and protocols for the captive management, rehabilitation and release of rescued animals back to the wild. These policies are adopted both nationally and internationally, to assist similar species around the world that are equally threatened.


  • Tikki Hywood Foundation actively rescues animals, focusing on the rehabilitation and care of wild animals saved from illegal activity, and many other abusive situations.


  • The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so ultimately they can be returned to their natural habitat.


  • The final goal in conservation is get the rescued animals back to the wild where they belong.

The Endangered Program

We focus on non-charismatic species that are or have become threatened. Ignorance and apathy for an animal, which is largely unknown to people in general, is a recipe for extinction. We undertake to fill a niche need for species that are largely unknown and overlooked.



  • To find out, learn, encounter


  • To coach, guide and prepare


  • To teach, inform, communicate


Changing perceptions, beliefs and habits, in order to protect and preserve nature starts with awareness. It is for this very reason that the Tikki Hywood Foundation’s mission statement involves the use of awareness as a stepping stone. During the time that the Foundation has been in operation we have established and operated several educative tools; ranging from a primary school level program, “Kusanganisa”, to a series of animal welfare workshops for key Parks and Wildlife personnel, to informative posters which are displayed publically. As our purpose evolves with the Tikki Hywood Foundation, so too does our approach to the creation of awareness.

In our experience, children are not the only ones who need awareness and exposure. Captive wild animal welfare is a vastly unknown field in our country Zimbabwe and one that we feel needs to be addressed. As a result, the Tikki Hywood Foundation conducts wildlife welfare workshops for specific levels of government and wildlife authority personnel, with the aim of furthering awareness and ultimately improving actions taken in these areas.

Informative posters, flyers and billboards are part of the THF strategy.

Case Management

  • To guide, assist and advise

Lobbying & Advocacy

  • To activate, effect and shape.


  • To train, impart and uplift


The law is integral to conservation. At THF our advisory role involves providing recommendations that range from the implementation of legislation to application and enforcement stages. Moreover, our stakeholder relations and public policy (SRPP) practice helps us to assist the relevant National Authorities in promoting policy change and shaping legislation for wildlife. We advise key government departments involved in wildlife through the entire legislative process, from identifying initial objectives to providing the justifications for amendments and drafting the law.

To our sponsors, this journey would not have been possible without you; our sincere gratitude.

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