Biodiversity Alliance

The Foundation started working in Uganda in September 2017 in an advisory capacity with the Ugandan Wildlife Authorities (UWA). In April 2018, Lisa Hywood went to Uganda and met with Rebeca Sandoval, who stood in as a Tikki Hywood Foundation representative on the ground in Kampala.

Rebeca has developed an excellent working relationship with UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Authorities) and whilst Lisa was in Uganda, the Ugandan Pangolin Guardians were established. This is a group of men and woman from UWA and the police, they are all involved in wildlife protection, be it through the court system or on the ground. This is a team of men and women who want to protect their Ugandan heritage.

Lisa was fortunate enough to spend time with these passionate people, explaining the need to protect not just pangolins, but all wildlife. As a collective, these committed people strategise a way to continue saving Pangolins in Uganda.

In 2021, Rebeca started Biodiversity Alliance and is still rescuing and saving Ugandan Pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade.

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