A highlight of our Joy of Giving Event will be

the chance to meet Lisa Hywood from Zimbabwe’s Tikki Hywood Foundation.

Lisa will be giving a talk about pangolins – the world’s most trafficked mammal and the work that she and her team are doing to safeguard these intriguing creatures.

Time: 10 – 11am (just before our Ardmore picnic)

Date: 28 and 29 October 2023

Venue: Constantia Uitsig Wine Farm, Constantia

As well as rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured or orphaned animals, the Tikki Hywood Foundation brings prosecutions against poachers and illegal wildlife traders.

White Pangolin Sculpture

Created by: Qiniso Mungwe

Qiniso Mungwe is one of Ardmore’s leading sculptors, and this standalone pangolin is a celebration of his talent and craftsmanship. His use of textured, unpainted, stone-fired clay speaks to the vulnerability of the pangolin.

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