THF in Cameroon

Our Founder and CEO visits Tikki Hywood Foundation in Cameroon.

Early March saw the Founder and CEO of the Tikki Hywood Foundation in Cameroon, visiting the THF C centre in Cameroon. Part of this trip was to also introduce our new vet Marine Montblanc who has arrived at the beginning of March from Franch.  We are delighted to have such an energetic, dynamic and vibrant person joining the THF C team.  Whilst in Cameroon Lisa, met with the MINFOF Secretary General to discuss the impressive results we have achieved so far and how the collaboration between both organisations has benefited pangolin conservation in Cameroon.

The THF Centre in Cameroon is the first of its kind in all of West, East and Central Africa, focusing solely on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of pangolin recovered by the Authorities from either the trade and or bushmeat markets.  We are proud to be supported by both the Minister and MINFOF in achieving our objective which is to save the worlds most trafficked mammal.

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