Donation Of Motorbikes To Chimanimani National Parks

The Tikki Hywood Foundation’s presence in Chimanimani began in 2013. For the past four years the Foundation has been working closely with both the local chiefs and communities together with National Parks. This partnership came into being to create awareness around the importance of wildlife conservation and protecting the natural environment.

In January this year Chief Muusha, who is from the Chimanimani area was handed a pangolin by a member of his community. He immediately handed the pangolin over to National Parks. This female pangolin was named Muusha in honour and respect of her rescuer Chief Muusha. She has subsequently entered the last phase of her rehabilitation process before being release back into the wild.

Chief Muusha with a National Parks Officer

Through this experience The Tikki Hywood Foundation is now engaging and working with local Chiefs, who are the leaders in their communities, to get assistance in spreading the word and creating a better understanding of the important role the community plays in preserving the natural environment and the wildlife who live freely within it.

The National Parks team in the Chimanimani area have also embraced the input from the Tikki Hywood Foundation and have been a fundamental part of the success of the Foundations work. With this dedication in mind the Foundation wanted to keep the momentum and progress going, so purchased and donated two motorbikes to the national parks team to use in the Chimanimani district.

Lisa Hywood and Evans Mhosira

These motorbikes will be used for patrolling and assisting with investigations and will ensure the parks officers are able to attend to urgent cases with no time delays due to lack of transport.

The handover ceremony for the motorbikes took place on Friday the 6th of October and was attend by Tikki Hywood Foundation founder and CEO Lisa Hywood, National Parks Area Manager, Evans Mhosira and ZRP representative, Assistant Inspector Chiminya. The Guests of Honour in attendance were Chief Muusha, Chief Chikukwa and representing Chief Ngorima, was Headman Rogers Mandiamba and supporting Chief Chikukwa, Headman Misheck Sunguru.

Headman Rogers Mandiamba and Chief Chikukwa

This is an exciting new phase for all involved with local Government Departments, community leaders and the Tikki Hywood Foundation working together for the preservation and protection of the environment.

Chief Chikukwa, Lisa Hywood, Evans Mhosira and Chief Muusha

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