Eye Of The Pangolin

To watch this ground-breaking documentary about the world’s most trafficked mammal follow this link and share, share, share it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oFalhPrdUs
Eye of the Pangolin, premiered last week in South Africa on Friday 17 May, appropriately Endangered Species Day.

Red carpet treatment for guests viewing the Eye of the Pangolin documentary at its launch on the 17th of May

Lisa Hywood, CEO and Founder of The Tikki Hywood Foundation, who contributed to the film, attended the premier of this much anticipated documentary and joined her peers of top pangolin conservationists and experts on a panel answering questions from the public and the media after each screening.

The film tells the story of two South African Award-winning filmmakers, Bruce Young (Blood Lions) and Johan Vermeulen (Kalahari Tails), who travel the continent to find the elusive African pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on earth. Along the way they also meet the people who are trying to save the creature which is now on the edge of extinction.

Lisa Hywood says, “Documentaries like Eye of the Pangolin offer an opportunity for everyone to get a glimpse at the plight of the pangolin and will hopefully get better insight into the danger this species is of becoming extinct.
Bruce Young and Johan Vermeulen must be commended for tackling this important project and putting this documentary together. We must also remember the individuals and organisations who made it possible, through their generous sponsorship, so it can be available for free across the internet.”  

From Left: Maja Gudehus, Bruce Young, Ray Jansen, Nicci Wright, Johan Vermeulen and Lisa Hywood at the Premier of the film ‘Eye of the Pangolin’

The unique approach to the distribution of this film –  is the hope that it is freely available online. A bold attempt to make this the most watched wildlife documentary ever produced. 

The current circumstances facing the African pangolin has reached a tipping point. A growing demand for their meat and scales which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine is fuelling the upsurge in horrific poaching and illegal trade that is pushing this species to the edge of extinction. In April 2019 alone, two separate seizures by Singaporean customs officials resulted in more than 24 tonnes of pangolin scales being confiscated. This equates to approximately 69,000 pangolins.

The producers of Eye of the Pangolin documentary believe that if people come to know the pangolin, as the gentle sentient being that it is, they will care enough to help put an end to this wildlife crime before this species disappears in our lifetime. In addition to creating widespread awareness of the species, the film will also serve as a free online tool for education in schools, wildlife colleges and environmental law enforcement agencies.  

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