Mefou Park Rehabilitation Centre

Construction of the new facility has been paid for by Eran Moas in support of Pangolin protection in Cameroon. The facility is located at Mefou Park which is 50km from the capital Yaounde and should be completed by August 2019.

The new facility will consist of:

Education center:  schools and organizations who visit Mefou will watch a video on what happens at the rehabilitation facility as well as an educational video about pangolins and the dangers they are facing and why it is important to protect them. This will also be where we work on our global education campaigns.

Rehabilitation center:  This is where the pangolin walkers and the pangolins dormitories will be housed. The pangolin room will have weighing scales and charts to follow feeding schedules and individual pangolin health care with the basic veterinary supplies. It will also be equipped with a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms for the pangolin walkers. On the side of the building will be the site manager’s sleep quarters.

The pangolins will arrive to the Rehabilitation Center where they will undergo a health check. They will get walked and will forage with the pangolin walkers around the 300 hectares of Forest in Mefou as well as drink from the natural streams in the park before being transported to the protected area (not Mefou) for release. If needed there’s a vet on call 24hours a day on site.

The establishment of this facility will assist with increasing awareness about the plight of the pangolin and be a safe haven for pangolins to heal.

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