WAKA AND SUBI – Finding Freedom in Uganda

On the 21st of October, two young pangolins were rescued in Uganda. This rescue involved co-ordination from Ugandan Wildlife Authorities (UWA) together with Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) team, who have shown total dedication in the fight against illegal wildlife trade. NRCN team caught a poacher who was illegally transporting two live pangolins. They had been […]

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Liberia Visit Follow-up

It is always good to get good news. Following Lisa’s trip to Liberia and The Tikki Hywood Foundation’s working relationship with Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary there has been a lot happening, but you can read all about it in Julie Vanassche’s report below. Lisa Hywood said something very poignant on her return from her trip to

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Donation Of Motorbikes To Chimanimani National Parks

The Tikki Hywood Foundation’s presence in Chimanimani began in 2013. For the past four years the Foundation has been working closely with both the local chiefs and communities together with National Parks. This partnership came into being to create awareness around the importance of wildlife conservation and protecting the natural environment. In January this year

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Eye Of The Pangolin

To watch this ground-breaking documentary about the world’s most trafficked mammal follow this link and share, share, share it! Eye of the Pangolin, premiered last week in South Africa on Friday 17 May, appropriately Endangered Species Day. Lisa Hywood, CEO and Founder of The Tikki Hywood Foundation, who contributed to the film, attended the premier of

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