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Protecting lesser known endangered species through

Conservation, Legislation and Awareness

The Tikki Hywood Foundation

The Tikki Hywood Foundation is a non-profit, wildlife orientated organisation. It strives to bring recognition, awareness and sustainable conservation action to lesser known endangered species, such as the highly endangered Pangolin. With an expansive view on welfare, policy and legislation for wildlife, we engage with appropriate authorities to effect proactive change for the improved preservation of fauna and flora. Finally, we work towards sustainable and holistic management of ecosystems and their wild resource, to realise our mission statement.

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“Utilizing conservation and awareness as stepping stones towards a future where humans live in harmony with wildlife”.

The Backstory

Lisa Hywood founded the Tikki Hywood Foundation in 1994

Lisa Hywood founded the Tikki Hywood Foundation in 1994, as a wildlife based, Non-Governmental Organization, in memory of her father, the late Tikki Hywood. Tikki was a man who always looked to the future with optimism. His generous and thoughtful nature, combined with a love of the wild and an ability to achieve results, has inspired the basic tenets of the Foundation. Above all, he was a committed Zimbabwean who put the National interest ahead of personal and business considerations. This rarity of character and integrity are and will remain the driving force behind the Tikki Hywood Foundation.

Why is the pangolin our logo?

The pangolin is a deeply respected animal in Zimbabwean culture and so when I, Lisa Hywood decided to establish the Foundation in my father’s name I wanted to honour him. By using the pangolin as a symbol, I paid tribute to my father and also set the Tikki Hywood Foundation apart from other wildlife Non Governmental Organisations by recognizing a lesser known and more endangered species. Today the Foundation’s pangolin is a recognizable logo and we are in fact global experts in the conservation and preservation of this enigmatic species.


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To our sponsors, this journey would not have been possible without you; our sincere gratitude.

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